Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

1. Booth space will be rented on a first-come first-serve basis. Management will decide acceptance to maintain a good variety and a balance of healthy competition.

2. Management reserves the right to reject or prohibit the participation in a show of any Exhibitor who is objectionable, to other participants or displays, sells, promotes objectionable products, materials or merchandise that management deems not appropriate in keeping with show standards and show theme. This applies to a person, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs or novelties which may affect the overall show presentation.

3. Exhibitors must not interfere with the business of other exhibitors and are required to notify Big Brothers Big Sisters for approval of any change or addition to the line up of products to be sold.

4. Exhibitor selection and exhibit space allocation is solely at the discretion of Big Brothers Big Sisters which reserves the right to relocate exhibits which may be affected by a change in the floor plan or in the interest of optimum traffic control and exhibit exposure. Big Brothers Big Sisters, its employees, or representatives cannot be held liable if exhibitors in competition with one another are placed in proximity.

5. The exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or apportion all or part of the rights and space granted to him pursuant to this contract without written permission from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

6. The exhibitor shall comply with all rules and regulations respecting the conduct and management of the show including any and all city and provincial fire and hydro regulations; public facility regulations; federal, provincial and municipal laws which apply to the exhibitor’s use of the facilities for the show.

7. Incomplete applications will be returned before consideration is given for acceptance.

8. No refunds on cheques once they have been cashed except in exceptional circumstances as determined by Big Brothers Big Sisters.

9. The exhibitor shall pay a $35.00 service charge for each and every cheque returned to Big Brothers Big Sisters from the exhibitor’s bank, trust company, credit union, or other financial institution, whatever the reason.

10. Exhibitors must remain for the full duration of the show. Exhibitors must not tear down, pack away or remove any part of their display until after closing time.

11. If for any reason the Show cannot be held due to the unavailability of the facility rented and/or is beyond the control of Big Brothers Big Sisters, any monies collected by Big Brothers Big Sisters for that specific event will be refunded less administration costs.

12. FAILURE TO ATTEND. Exhibitors must notify Big Brothers Big Sisters in advance if they are unable to attend the show. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of any or all future shows without refund.

13. SECURITY. Big Brothers Big Sisters will undertake to ensure reasonable security for booths and merchandise during closing hours of the show, but will not be liable for loss or damage due to fire, flood, theft, act of God or anything beyond the control of Big Brothers Big Sisters, its agents, employees or representatives. Security will NOT be provided during move in, move out or during open hours of the show.

14. Big Brothers Big Sisters, it agents, employees or representatives thereof are not liable for damages, inconvenience, presumed loss of sales or exposure resulting from presumed misrepresentation of the show, its size, scope, activities, personalities, exhibitors taking part, attendance, size or location of facility, amenities, hours of operation, reasonable access to the physically disadvantaged, public admission fees in any and all correspondence, advertising materials and conversations. Big Brothers Big Sisters will undertake to promote the show to the best of its ability in a media campaign that could include where possible, Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television, Pamphlets, Outdoor Signage, Notices in Tourist Information Brochures, etc.

15. Merchandise is to be professionally presented. Fixtures and signage should be professionally prepared to enhance your booth.

16. Table cloths and/or skirts, backdrops and any other décor items are the responsibility of each Exhibitor.

17. The Exhibitor shall set up the booth(s) within the time specified on the Application Form and Exhibitor Package. Exhibitors must be at their booths 20 minutes before show time. Booths must not be left unattended. If Exhibitor’s booth is covered and the exhibitor is not at their respective booth(s) when the show opens, Big Brothers Big Sisters will have the right to uncover the exhibitor’s booth without incurring liability of any kind.

18. EXTENSION CORDS are the responsibility of each Exhibitor to access to power. Heavy duty tape is required to be used on any cords crossing public pathways to safeguard against accidents. A rubber trim matting is also advisable. Electrical access cannot be guaranteed for all exhibitors. You must request ahead of time that your booth requires electricity and Big Brothers Big Sisters will do their best to accommodate you.

19. Posting, distributing or dissemination of advertising materials not pertaining to events hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters is not permitted. This includes apparel advertising other events.

20. Big Brothers Big Sisters shall have the right to terminate the exhibitor’s lease at any time, if in their opinion, the exhibitor is displaying or selling products not representative of the type or caliber for which the exhibitor was selected and/or displaying, selling or promoting products other than was specified by the exhibitor on the Application Form.